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    All of us in San Bernardino, CA know the drill—every two years means a vehicle smog check. Why not go to Brioso Smog Check Star Certified, where the service is fast and friendly?
    Being Star Check Certified, we can perform a smog test only, but our check is efficient and skilled. We'll have you back on the road before you know it!
    Get your smog certification today! Call (323) 369-4540 to get started.
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Smog check
​Smog Inspection

We all know this check is incredibly important. Smog has had a huge effect on human health in California, like causing asthma and bronchitis, and the effects on global warming are astronomical. Make sure you do your part to lessen the effects by getting your smog inspection at Brioso Smog Check Star Certified any time.

Smog certification
​Smog Certification

It's going to feel great knowing that you are doing everything you can to help the environment. Getting your smog certification in San Bernardino, CA is a snap with us, and then you don't have to worry about the effects your car is having on the air for two whole years. Who doesn't love checking something like that off a to-do list?

Diesel smog
​Diesel Smog Test

To quote the California EPA, "Californians set the pace nationwide in their love affair with cars." We love cars just as much as you do, and we love them even more when they pass their smog test! We offer an easy and affordable diesel smog test that will be over before you know it.

Hybrid smog
​Hybrid Smog Test

Hybrid cars already do so much to help the environment—make sure yours is doing the best it can with our hybrid smog test at our DMV Smog Station! You can call (323) 369-4540 today to learn more about how the hybrid test differs from diesel.

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Excellent service

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Got it done fast !!

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Had to go here to get a smog done for my van

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